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William Hayward

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Grav Blog!

2020 Update: This blog now runs through Jekyll!

Well, here it is - my tech blog. I’m going to use this thing to talk about projects I’m working on, technologies I’m working with, and just generally write about tech things that I think are interesting.

My next few weeks are probably going to be eaten up by jury duty, but some topics I’ve got in the pipeline:

  • Phaser, Scene Graphs, and Zooming
  • Lipwig: The how, the what, and the why
  • Project Mind Map

So get keen for that.

This blog is being entirely run through Grav, which is a Flat-File CMS. What that basically means is that I’m not going to be using the Grav interface where I can avoid it - all of my posts are gonna run through my GitHub.

The theme being used here is Medium by Matthew Blode. It’s quite nice to look it, but it has a feature that I could not find in any of the other themes I looked at: it doesn’t add blog/ to the URL. This might not seem like the biggest deal but dang, when you’re trying to set up a Grav website in a subdirectory, most themes don’t play nice.

So thanks for that, Matthew! You’re a true hero.