William Hayward

William Hayward

Software Developer

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A Very Merry WillHay Introduction

Hi! I’m William Hayward. This guy:


I’m a fourth year student studying a Bachelor of IT majoring in Software Design, and I like to make things.

That’s it - I like to make things. Most of my spare time is filled with either programming projects, or written word projects.

My current programming project is called Lipwig, a JavaScript based project that is going to make it easier for me to make some games down the line.

My current writing project is being an editor for Semper Floreat, the UQU newspaper, under the name “Xander Hayward”. Pick up a copy and look for my name some time.

I spend as much time as possible making things.

DECO3850 is a subject I’ve been excited for for months, because it’s offering to be a fantastic opportunity to make something with other people.

I’ve decided to tag my posts as “WillHay” because people always spell my last name wrong, so this is WillHay saying hi!