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I Am Not A Designer

I am not a designer.

This is a weird way to stay a blog post for a course named “Design Computing 3850: Physical Computing & Interaction Design Studio”, a title with design in it twice, but it’s true. I am a programmer, a computer fanatic, and even a creative (I spent two years as president of the UQ Writers Club), but I am not a designer.

People who are designers are magical to me. My brother is professional board game designer, and every day I’m at uni I get to interact with all these brilliant designer minds - but try as I might, I can never quite match their level of expertise. This is especially frustrating because all I want to do in life is make games, but right now I’m stuck recycling existing ideas and hoping that some kind game designer will work with me once I’ve got some more portfolio pieces up.

“But William, how do you plan to get through 13 weeks of a design course without being able to design?”

That’s a pretty good question me in quotation marks, but let’s backtrack a bit: I never said I couldn’t design. I’m not a designer, but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand the principles of ideation. I’m just a bit… lacking in them. I can cobble together a decent premise, and with some help I can refine it into something pretty nice - but what would take me a week and some of the most powerful software and technology available to do, I’ve seen some people achieve in 20 minutes on a napkin.

In my ideal world, that would be me - but it’s not, and throwing the years of practice and effort into making that me is not the best use of my time. Instead, I’d prefer to have some design skills to help with the Real Designers (tm). A Design Assistant, if you will.

On Thursday I’m going to be giving a 2 minute presentation for an idea I’ve had. This part, the idea part, I’ve gotten better at over the years so I’ve got faith in myself to perform well enough, but I suspect that the biggest part of my reflections this semester are going to revolve around my journey more into the design world.

This isn’t my main blog post for the week, I just wanted to get that off my chest now so that in week 13 I can look back and see how I’ve fared.

I’m out

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