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Presentations and Programming

This week was an odd week. It sort of snuck up on me - between other courses and Anzac Day, I didn’t get quite as much done as I might have liked.

What I did get done I’m happy with, but a lot of it is hard to display. I’m working on a system to allow Twitter Tapper taps to be a bit more consistent, and reading up on old phones to prepare for the Social Dial to be complete. A lot of programming.

The big thing that happened this week is presentations! I’ve loved seeing what everyone is up to. This is straight up the best group work course I’ve ever done, just to see the sheer talent and passion people pour into their work.

The Social Provocateurs presented today, too. It went okay? Our last presentation went a lot better, but due to assignments and general insomnia I didn’t get any sleep last night. The grades will reveal how it really went, but when I’m tired I get wiry and defensive. It’s not a good look. Still, onwards and upwards.

Next week should have some exciting stuff to post. Between further developments on the Social Dial and expanding characters for the Twitter Tapper, I’m genuinely excited to spend some late nights at the lab.

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