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Adventures in Audio

Playing Music With A Dial Phone

This week, I’ve been looking at wires.

Wires can do so much, and looking at these wires that have been untouched for 33 years is really interesting.

In terms of actual progress, we made a breakthrough that’s gonna cut off a heap of work. It turns out that all we need to utilised the phone speaker is to alligator clip some contact points to a 3.5mm audio cable. You can look at the attached video to see that in action. The same process should work for the microphone too, once we find a computer with a microphone port.

In terms of “not actual progress” though, check this out:

This is the ringing mechanism for the phone. The way it works is that the magnet, the copper coil of wires, rapidly turns on and off to move the hammer, the stick, side to side to strike the bells.

The magnet takes 70 volts of AC to use, which is very different to the 5 volts of DC provided by the Arduino. (I’m not sure how it’s different exactly, I’m not an electrical engineer)

Some preliminary testing got a weak magnetic force to work, but talking to the tutors it sounds like the Arduino just doesn’t have enough juice to do what we need. Luckily though, some conversations with Steven and Craig have got some possibilities moving forward.

I’m gonna make another blog post on Friday, but the next few days (and weeks honestly) are gonna involve a whole bunch of cramming, code, and yet more wires.


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P.S. That wasn’t sarcasm, I’m genuinely so excited for this.