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William Hayward

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Terrified Dashes Toward Progress

Tonight I logged into the DECO3850 website, and I saw this

It inspired me to write the following haiku.

Ah. Ah. Aaaaaaaah.



Because seeing it show less than 2 weeks was a terrifying sensation.

With that said, this week showed some great strides of progress. First, our actual input method for the Twitter Tapper arrived.

Ordered from the Ukraine, they said that this was used by the USSR. Whether that’s true or not it’s an undeniably cool as heck story, so we’re sticking to it.

On Wednesday I took it into uni and hooked it up to the device, and it works without any code changes. That was super exciting. There’s still some tweaks needed, but the Twitter Tapper is kind of… done? It feels weird to say.

The last main code tweak that was made I did earlier today, and that was adding in Emoji. Before, typing in an invalid code (…-.. or —..– or such) would just have an exclamation mark as the output. Now, it’s going to be replaced by a random emoji.

The emoji were largely chosen by looking at this live tracker of Emoji use on Twitter http://emojitracker.com/

There’s also a few less common Emoji in there for fun. Can I get a Levitating Man In A Business Suit? ?????

The Social Dial also had a nice little breakthrough. Scraping Facebook posts through Puppeteer was going well, but there’s always the problem of loading more posts. By default Facebook only shows a few, then loads more when you scroll. Luckily though, if you use m.facebook.com it shows more, and so we might not even need to deal with that.

The project is going to be finished in time for the exhibit, but that doesn’t mean the next two weeks aren’t gonna be fully of stress and frantic soldering.

WillHay out.