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Goals for 2020

It’s 2020, and it’s time to form some g dang plans. I don’t like planning projects a full year in advance, so instead - here are my primary tech goals for Q1/Q2 2020.

  1. Lipwig.

    Lipwig is a project that I’ve been working on for years now (very, very intermittently). I’ll be writing up a larger blog post on this, but in essence it’s a Node/Websocket based message server designed with party games à la Jackbox Games in mind. I actually built 90% of this in 2018, and it works pretty well - so my primary goals are to polish it, properly document it (2018 William eschewed traditional commenting and documentation practices), and develop some portfolio pieces with it. I’ve already started on that last one - for fun and practice I’ve been working on a scissors paper rock game called Rock Off. Early days, but you can expect to hear more about that one soon.

    Rock Off

  2. A D&D PDF generator

    I love me some Dungeons and Dragons. It’s probably my biggest hobby, but often in the middle of a game you’ll need to look up a bunch of spells or monsters in quick succession and it can really grind things to a halt. Luckily Wizards of the Coast has released a pretty decent chunk of the spells/monsters/mechanics of D&D fifth edition under a fairly permissive license called the “Open Game License”. I wanna use this open game content with a D&D LaTeX template I’ve used before to make a spellbook generator, and probably also a monster book generator.

  3. This Blog!

    I’ve made a few attempts at blogging tech stuff before. Once in 2017 when I made a few posts about a project I’d been working on called “Project Mind Map”, and in 2018 when I wrote some blog posts to accompany an assignment I was working on at the time. I’ve included a list of those posts at the end of this post.

    This list of projects is in order - Lipwig related stuff is my top priority, followed by the PDF generators, and then this blog. I would rather be coding and not writing about it than not coding and writing nonetheless. That said, I really enjoy writing code posts and I’ve got a few ideas for them so with some luck this won’t be the last post I write. “At least 1 per week” is my tentative goal.

    A bit later in the year I also wanna play around with running a programming livestream, see how I like it.

  4. Vim.

    In 2016 I wrote about half of my code in the text editor “Vim”. It’s tricky and obtuse, but the more I got used to it the more I found myself preferring it to more mouse centric editors/IDEs. The same year I started using command line tools wherever possible (and still do), so moving to Vim for all my code is sort of the next logical step.

    If this doesn’t pan out I won’t be too dissapointed - right now I use Visual Studio Code and I don’t have many complaints about it particularly, I just think I’d prefer to use Vim.

So there it is - my Q1/Q2 2020 goals. Let’s see how it goes.

WillHay out.

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